Subfloor Insulation

One of the simplest and most effective Icynene installations is for subfloor (underfloor). During winter cold air can easily find its way into your home through floors, so insulating and sealing against the ingress of cold air with Icynene LDC-50 will have immediate benefits to the warmth of your home, and the energy required to keep it warm during winter.

As long as there is a minimum of 400mm clearance under the house, an Icynene installer can spray the underside of the floors to insulate from the colder weather. The warmth effect is almost instantaneous once the Icynene is sprayed underfloor.

Since the Icynene LDC-50 is sprayed in place, it expands as usual to fill up each little void, which ensures there are no air leaks to allow any cold air to sneak into your home.

In the summertime, underfloor insulation will also help to keep your home a more comfortable temperature.

As subfloor (underfloor) insulation takes place outside and underneath your home, its normally a quick process without the need for the Icynene installer to enter inside the home.