Icynene insulation and air barrier products can be sprayed into walls, ceilings, floors, crawlspaces, and attics to deliver superior insulating and air-sealing results. Ideal for wood or steel framing, Icynene products adhere to a variety of substrates and in various conditions.

Products available include;

  • ICYNENE LD-CP-50® (R2.8/100mm insulation)
    Similar to LD-C-50 except designed for wall injection due to its slow expansion against plaster walls.
  • ICYNENE MD-R-200™ (R3.7/100mm insulation)
    The newest member of the Icynene family. A Medium Density foam with a 17% recycled content base. Great for open cavity walls in new buildings.
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Enquire at your local installer for further information on which Icynene® product would best suit your needs.